Mini Dualer Vanilla


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Rooted in the dualism between humankind and nature, Dualer’s iconic design blends the state of being divided & the art of integrity.

Inspired by the arch shape, its curved structure represents transitions between separate places. Choose your Dualer & get ready for a multiway journey!

Additional Information

Additional Information



MINI DUALER W 14 cm x H 9,5 cm x D 6 cm


STRAP  DH 52 cm x L 130 cm x W 1,2 cm


SHIPPING W 30 cm x H 30 cm x D 7 cm



100% Genuine Leather, 100% Nickel-Free Hardware, 100% Cotton Lining

Mini Dualer Lace Compositions

100% Lace, 100% Nickel-Free Hardware, 100% Cotton Lining


Leather: Grainy Genuine Leather, Hardware: Brass, Lining: Twill

Mini Dualer Lace Materials

Lace: Embroidery Lace, Hardware: Brass, Lining: Twill


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