BONABAG in AF Mag September 2021 Issue


How does  AF Magazine introduce itself to us?


AF Magazine is the undisputed guide that provides important information on the latest trends from  the world of accessories: shoes, bags,  and  leather goods. An indispensable must-have that guides readers through the world of accessories thanks to the decennial experience of Edizioni AF in the publishing field. The attention to the trend, brands to keep an eye on, lifestyle, for a magazine that aims to bring authoritativeness and  innovative ideas.

BONABAG x AF Mag in London  Streets:


London is a major player in the fashion industry and  has  rightfully earned its place as one  of the most important iconic fashion capitals in the world. The city has always given  rise  to new  trends and  fashion cultures that have  made a real  impact on the international fashion scene. The “street” approach to style and  fashion is often based on individualism, rather than focusing solely  on current fashion trends. Using  street style methods, individuals demonstrate their multiple, negotiated identities, in addition to utilizing subcultural and  intersecting styles or trends. So, it is obvious that BONABAG makes a difference on the street of London with  the
vibrant colours they use.  While  showing its distinctive style,  BONABAG continues to use  its creativity. If it is needed to sum  up BONABAG’s style in one  word, it would
be extraordinary. The style of BONABAG is interesting and  assertive, on the other hand, the colours are  quite vibrant compared to a normal style.  That makes the style of BONABAG more striking than ever.