BONABAG at New York Fashion Week!

BONABAG at New York Fashion Week!

Fyling Solo Runway at Soho Rooftop in New York Fashion Week


We as BONABAG are one of Flying Solo designers and were a part of for Flying Solo runway show. Featuring work from selected designers; from clothing, accessories, shoes, and bags; it was pretty much nonstop fashion envy. New York fashion week was in between 7 September – 12 September this year and the Flying Solo runway show was held on September 12th 2021 at Soho Rooftop. It was like a huge magical fashion feast.

If you haven’t heard yet, Flying Solo is a fashion community and retail society with a creative team. Rather than go it alone in the fast-paced world of retail, designers have come together to create a collaborative space where they can work together rather than compete with each other.

We were so excited to present our Native Collection that is inspired by nature: horizontal deepless sky, infinite fundamental earth and geometric shapes of universe. Pureness, imperfection and free hippie soul with nature-inspired hues and patterns; fully handcrafted with great attention to detail on every phase of the process. As a pure blend of artisanship and innovation, every piece in the collection is a reflection of timeless design and function. Soul of the collection is the motto of “back to nature”. Domination of tassels and hippie style. A collection like a time capsule. Pastel shades, suede details. All about pureness and imperfection. You can feel native and feel being a part of universe.