Bonabag at MIPEL

Bonabag at MIPEL

A new take on creativity and innovation


Dedicated to fashion handbags and accessories, MIPEL has been the most important international fair held in Milan. The theme of its 116th edition has been sustainability where the concept idea is based on the contrast between the work of man that intervenes on the nature and the beauty of the reflection of nature itself, pure and uncontaminated.



Focusing on harmonious coexistence between man and nature, 116th edition is all about raising awareness through the effective projects exhibited at the fair. This concept has embodied all of its contents including leather which is an element offered by nature itself which can and must be interpreted in a sustainable manner with respect for nature, in terms of procurement and processing techniques.



SCENARIO, the finest stage of MIPEL, is exclusively created for contemporary bags and innovative collections with an ever-changing theme for each edition and dedicated to fresh new international designers and artisanal brands. We’re happy to share that Bonabag was one of the 60 brands selected for SCENARIO by the style commission, according to creativity, innovation and research features.



Our SS20 collection is designed with nature-inspired hues and patterns; fully handcrafted with great attention to detail on every phase of the process. As a pure blend of artisanship and innovation, every piece in the collection is a reflection of timeless design and function.